Amaya Farms: Reforesting Uganda

Amaya Farms: Reforesting Uganda - Synergy Partners
Amaya Farms: Reforesting Uganda - Synergy Partners


Uganda is a fertile, beautiful country aptly known as the “Pearl of Africa.” One would think it is adequately forested. However, upon deeper investigation, it is apparent that this is not the case. Deforestation remains a major concern, with 80% of Uganda’s 40 million population presently living in rural areas and greatly dependant (approximately 90%) on fuel wood for their energy needs. The country’s population growth is currently estimated at 3.4% per annum which is expected to double within the next 20 years. Human encroachment on forests is one of Uganda’s main environmental concerns, extending to even the Protected Areas (Central Forest Reserves and National Parks).

SPU has undertaken a commercial tree planting project, Amaya Farms, on an initial 1.5 square miles of land in Nakitoma, Nakasongola district. The land has been sub-divided into smaller tracts of land, all titled, ranging from 5 acres to 20 acres. Customers buy land and enjoy forestry management services from SPU. The project offers a nexus between environmental sustainability and economic development through creation of an additional long-term investment option.

Why do customers invest?

  • Retirement savings
  • Children’s college fund
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Responsible global citizenship – effort to reforest earth
  • General long-term savings for varied investment goals

To inquire about availability of land for tree planting, kindly email: